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Summer Camp Sessions


June 25, 2018 - July 20, 2018


July 30- August 10

In partnership with    

Mechanical Dissection


All children should have the opportunity to take things apart, dissect them and lean how and why they work. Mechanical Dissection is reverse engineering and is an approach to teaching students about engineering concepts and design principles by having them explore the engineered products around them. Students will work in small teams to disassemble and reassemble machines. 

Small Projects


We won't let the adults have all the fun, Wise Young Builders students build projects and learn the guided process to start and finish a take home project.



Do you remember your first bicycle flat tire? So disheartening it was. Sometimes, a kid's only way around is his/her trusted bicycle. Students will engage with professionals from the world of transporation and consider their own transporation systems. 

Biblical Master Builders


Students will travel back in time, recounting biblical builders such as Noah, Solomon and Jesus of Nazareth, as they explore and seek to understand the mathematics, science and engineering of Carpentry. A host of activities such, as biblical games, scripture memorization, model reconstruction and more



Our founder began his first business when he was nine years old and while entreprenuership takes on so many different forms, students will engage with several business owners and have the opportunity to learn what it takes to start a business.



Wise Young Builders aren't preparing to be construction workers, they are learning the value of having a skill. Students engage with a reality that is all around them...Construction. From homes, to schools to government buildings, they all have to be built.



There are dozens of different types of engineers and engineering is all around us. Students will engage with engineers and work as a team to engineer their own projects. .

Doors, Chores, Floors & More
Students will learn the basics of door hardware; how to install and remove a basic door from its hinges and basic types of keys/function as it relates to doors. Further, students will engage in activities that empower them to understand the layout of floors, measuring square footage, calculating formulas and more
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