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Vision Statement:


Our vision is to create social awareness in youth through an environment where work ethic, morals, math and skill building are respected and utilized to address social problems. We will erase generational poverty by utilizing mathematical thinking to build confidence, open doors to future careers, generate commitment to community and cultivate problem solving skills. 


    Mission Statement:


The mission of WYB is to enhance the value, viability & perception of STEM trades by use of project-based learning to empower under-served youth to learn practical skills, improve math comprehension and build career pathways.


We do this by offering hands on workshops/small group math-focused instruction during out of school time. This furthers the goal that youth are able to improve math skills, understand construction in their lives; connect to entrepreneurship; hobbies; continued education and careers


   Strategic Questions:


  • How does tactile learning improve confidence, self worth and skills?

  • Can we help create and develop young entreprenuers?

  • If boys and men of color, affected by crime, negative choices and poor family structures made a mass exodus from the piplines (drugs, prisons, shelters, broken systems) that hold them, what would be the effect?

  • If prisons and shelters lost 70% of their clientele, what would happen?

  • Why do you have to be an adult to start learning building skills?

  • If fractions, decimals, area, square footage and algebra all relate to construction; then why is it taught separately?

  • Should children failing math only attend sports programs?

  • If people say "not everybody is going to go college" then what options and pathways are created to introduce other options? 

  • Should we really juxatapose college vs. trades? Can't you just simply learn both?



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