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Theory of Change

Our theory of change is that by early introducing youth to practical skills, increasing their academic skills and providing a context to their learning through building projects and career pathways, youth will develop key academic skills in the short term and practical life skills in the long term making it more likely that participants will be self-sufficient citizens equipped to own and maintenance their own homes, have stable careers and support their communities.


Our theory infuses three key components to 


  1. Math Workshops: Through math workshops that occur at the start of every class, youth are taught math and arithmetic allowing them to be coached through mistakes, problem solve and exercise their math skills


  1. Building Workshops: Each session or semester, youth begin to work on a proscriptive building workshop project (such as a book-shelf, bench, small stool or small table) that allows the student to recognize and perfect small hand tool usage, contextualize the math they have learned and 


  1. Practical Usage & Career Exposure: Through guest speakers like building code inspectors, architects, engineers, lawyers, estimators, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, real estate developers, carpenters, electricians, interior designers, home owners and more. Youth will be able to practically see how construction and specifically math related to key aspects of their lives and how it could ultimately become a future career. 

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