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At Wise Young Builders, we use high quality tools that are scaled to children’s hands and strength, varying by age. Children are taught to use hand tools independently and learn to handle and carry material safely. We use very limited power tools (electric drills) and with close adult supervision. Safety is a major concern and 7+ years of operation, we have never had an accident. You are welcome to visit before enrolling to discuss the tools, equipment, and layout of our work area. Our tool partnerships include such companies as Makita, Dewalt, Stanley and Ryobi.




We generally use 'cut-offs' from the and recycled wood for some projects. We also purchase pieces are rough-sawn, 2-4 feet long and vary 4-16" wide. Furthermore, we always try to accept donations and purchase new wood from local stores.




The adhesives and paint are non-toxic, washable, school-grade material. Please feel free to contact us or visit before enrolling if you are concerned about allergies or appropriate materials.

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