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 Your Child's Safety Is Our Primary Concern:




We've all heard the accounts of someone rushing to meet a deadline on the job, a general accident or people just being careless, well, when dealing with the youth, it is our primary concern to demonstrate to them how to properly work in a fun and safe environment. To this end, we don't allow horseplay, mishandling tools or supplies or running in our partner facilities.


Our staff of experienced tradespeople, helpers and educators are constantly attending to the safe use of every piece of material, method, and floor space in our work area. We teach children to safely handle tools and we are familiar with the many unsafe techniques a child may invent while learning tools. Everyone in the work space learns how to help guard the safety of themselves and others. We do require background checks and screenings for all of our volunteers and staff. Please feel free to view our contact page {volunteers} to view the forms we utilize

For both children and adults, safety is not simply the putting on safety glasses and big ear muffs, nor do rules alone make safety. Safety is a way of working with thoughtfulness, calm, and physical presence. Safety is ethics, morals, values and training that tie into the ethos of Wise Young Builders.

Please feel free to speak with us about your concerns regarding your child’s safety with tools, both in class and after the class is over. Safety is an important and ongoing lesson. We look forward to your input.


                                     Email us with any questions: 

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