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Lunches & Snacks




Lunches & Snacks


Two small snacks are provided for all campers.(i.e muffins, fruits, pretzels). Light breakfast is provided for Before Care campers only. To protect children with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions campers are required to bring their own lunches, which are collected at the start of each day and administered during lunch hour. Special accommodations will be made in the event that a child has a meal that contains certain allergens to another camper. Please pack lunches that do not require heating, such as sandwiches, cold pastas and/or salads. Additionally, ALL campers should bring water and a snack, in addition to what is already provided. Due to increase in allergies, campers are not allowed to bring nuts. Students should bring lunch. We provide two small snacks per day. (i.e muffins, fruits, pretzels


Healthy Food

We encourage parents to pack healthy snacks and lunches. The avoidance or minimization of foods that contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars, refined flours, hydrogenated fats, and artificial colors, is suggested. Due to varying diets and health concerns, campers not encouraged to share food and snacks as all students are not aware of other campers dietary restrictions and allergies. Please refrain from sending pork and shellfish products.

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